Microsoft E3 2017 Press Conference Final Thoughts

Mircosoft E3 2017

What’s going on gamers! E3 2017 is here and every gamers around the world is glued onto their computer with anticipation on what new games are coming in the near future. On June 11, Microsoft started the party early with their E3 2017 press conference. This was unusual because Microsoft usually have their E3 conference on the Monday of E3 week. So with that being said, I figured that I should give my thoughts and review of the Microsoft E3 2017 press conference.


So first off, Microsoft opened the show with a bang as they unveil the most rumored Microsoft Scorpio, which is now official known as the Xbox One X. The Xbox One X is the newest and smallest console in the Xbox One console family. This is described as the most powerful 4K console. Phil Spencer, the main host of the conference, was hyping up this console and announced that this console will be available on November 7, 2017 for $499.99. Now my question for this new Xbox One X is, why do we need this console? Last year the Xbox One S was released and it supports 4K features, so why do we need another console that can do the same thing. If I was a person who never had a Xbox One and was looking to purchase one, no way I would purchase a $499 console, I would instead get the cheaper Xbox One S. Anyway, Microsoft display the power of the Xbox One X by revealing Forza Motorsports 7 with 4K support. I haven’t play a Forza game in years and this game looks beautiful. However, one thing about Forza is that it will get boring really fast, so I hope that this game will keep me interested as I play. During the conference, Ubisoft reveal the next chapter in the Assassin’s Creed franchise called, Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Microsoft wanted to showcased a live gameplay demo of Assassin’s Creed in 4K. This was rumored since last year that Assassin’s Creed will take place in Egypt, and it looks pretty damn cool. Other games that was shown in 4K was Metro: Exodus, Player Unknown: Battleground, Deep Rock Galactic, State of Decay 2, The Darwin Project, and Minecraft.


One game that gotten me super hyped up during the Xbox conference was the announcement for Dragon Ball Fighter Z and all I could say was DAMN! This looked awesome, and it looks like a true fighting game. If you’re an anime and DBZ fan, this is gonna be your most wanted game for 2018. Another two games that I noticed during the conference were Black Desert and Code Vein. I’m a huge fan of the RPG genre and these two games peak my interest especially Code Vein, because of it’s anime-looking style graphics. Other games that was featured in the conference were The Last Night, The Artful Escape, Tacoma, and Sea of Thieves. One game that got me frowning during the presentation was a game called Super Lucky’s Tale. This game does not belong on the Xbox One. When I saw this trailer I immediately thought of Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo. One word to describe Super Lucky’s Tale was Cringe. We FINALLY get release date for Cuphead, I’ve been waiting of this game since it was announce back in E3 2014. I basically gave up on this game, but hopefully it will come out this year and I can finally play this damn game. Other games that was reveled were Ashen, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War, and Ori 2. Then Phil Spencer drop a huge announcement bomb that players can now play old original Xbox game on the Xbox One in the future. This is awesome because I didn’t get the chance to play a ton of the original games from the Xbox. The final game that Microsoft showcased was the reveal of Anthem, a game from EA. This looks like a game where you can connect with other players to complete different mission in a open world so I’m digging’ this game and I want to hear more about this.

So in conclusion, the Microsoft E3 2017 Press Conference was a huge success this year. The whole focus of the conference was 4K. Microsoft is trying to convince everyone that 4K is the future and that the Xbox One X will delivered the greatest gaming experience ever. To be honest, gamers are not going to go crazy over the new Xbox One X especially with the $499 price tag. Microsoft didn’t sell me with the 4K deal, I can have fun playing games without the 4K experience. Otherwise, the games that was shown were awesome and it got me hyped to play them on the Xbox One in the near future. That’s all I have to say for now. Until next time, “Be easy and Stay Epic!”

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