San Diego Comic Con 2017 Experience

SDCC 17 Cover pic

What’s going on everyone, this is Tyuno! During this past summer, I got the opportunity of a lifetime to attend this year’s San Diego Comic Con. SDCC is like the number one mainstream convention that every nerd across this nation “TRY” to attend. I say try because attending San Diego Comic Con is all about luck. Many people may want to attend Comic Con, but sadly may not get the chance. This was my very first year trying to attend SDCC. I experience the dreaded waiting room from hell, this is where everyone wait, hope, and pray that they would be chosen to buy a pass. As I waited to buy my pass, I saw my chances of attending this year fading away into nothing. I almost lost faith until and a small ray of hope shine upon me as I was granted access to buy a pass. Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy a 4-day pass, but I luckily was able to purchase a Thursday and Sunday pass. So with my pass secured, my plane and hotel paid, I was ready and California bound. On July 19, I flew from Atlanta, had a layover at New Orleans, and finally landed in San Diego. Not only this was my first ever traveling to California, but this was my first time traveling alone. As I touchdown down in San Diego, I took a Uber to my hotel and as I was riding I was sight-seeing and taking in everything like a true tourist. I took the rest of the day just to rest and get myself ready for the big day.

On July 20, I got myself on the shuttle bus filled with fellow attendees as we all traveled to the convention center. Finally, we arrived and I set foot on the ground of San Diego Comic Con. Now I’ve been to different convention in Atlanta, but I never been to a con this huge. One word to describe my experience is overwhelming. As I walk around the huge convention center, I feel tired because it was so much to take in. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. I checked out the dealer’s hall and saw so much cool stuff that was hell of expensive. I saw lines that was stupid long, and I feel almost sorry for the poor soul who was willing to stand in those line to get into a panel or get an exclusive item. I walked around SDCC for hours, trying to find out what to do and where to go. SDCC was huge, it took over downtown San Diego. Building was covered with promo posters advertising different shows. Everyday, it was sunny and hot, but not “Atlanta” type of hot. Other then the convention, I checked out different stores to shop for souvenir, I ate restaurants, and I visited a 7-eleven for the first time (strange I know).

Overall, San Diego was beautiful to visit. The atmosphere was surreal and unbelievable, I never thought I would be able to experience San Diego Comic Con. SDCC was great and yet tiring. This was a goal of mine to travel and attend Comic Con for at least one time in my lifetime. Now the main question is, “will I be attending next year?” The answer to that question is… maybe not. I think it will be awhile until I attend Comic Con. But I see myself coming back again and well prepared. So that’s all I have to say about my experience at San Diego Comic Con 2017. Until next time, “Be Easy and Stay Epic!!”

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