Welcome to The Tyuno Project 2018

Welcome To TTP Cover

What’s going on everyone! Happy New Years and welcome to the year 2018. If you are new to this blog, than welcome to The Tyuno Project. This blog is dedicated to everything that I am passionate about such as gaming, anime, wrestling, manga, and basically anything geek/ nerd relate that I find interesting. Here’s a quick story for you; I started this blog around 2009 because I wanted to express how I felt about certain topics in the gaming industry, thus The Tyuno Project was born. I wrote my own reviews, posted previews of what’s coming in the near future, and post pictures of different events that I’ve attend. In the past I tried to compete with the bigger gaming website such as IGN and Kotaku, and failed. Now in 2018, I’ve decided to just do whatever the hell I want to do and not worry about competing with anybody. In 2017 I haven’t blog that much the whole year due to my day job, but in 2018 my goal is to be consistent with blogging on a weekly basis. Also, I’m goal is to start writing how I actually feel, instead of trying to be professional. So expect to see a lot of curse words in my blogs (just kidding… maybe). I got a ton of ideas for this blog, so if you interested then I welcome to The Tyuno Project. Until next time, “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”

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