My Thoughts On Black Clover

Black Clover EDITORIAL

What’s going on everyone, so I’ve been a fan of the manga series, Black Clover, ever since late 2016. I’ve heard so much about this series from different anime fans on the internet. So I was curious and pick up a copy of the first volume. To be honest I once slept on this series and I put it to the side while I was reading other manga such as My Hero Academia. I finally took a look at the manga in late 2016 and I was immediately blown away on how incredible the story was. After reading the first volume I had to read more and currently Black Clover is my second favorite manga series (the first is My Hero Academia). Recently I have begun watching the Black Clover anime on the Crunchyroll streaming service and in my opinion it’s amazing. However I notice that there are many people in the anime community who dislike this anime. After watching the first 13 episode of Black Clover, I can agree and disagree what most people are talking about.

First of all the visuals and animation of the anime is amazing, I think we can all agree on that. The anime follow the story almost the same as the manga. The anime does add more content that is not part of the manga, which I have sort of mixed feelings. One big complaint I have about the Japanese version of the anime is the Japanese voice of Asta, it gets annoying really fast. All he does is yell every time he talks. Besides the yelling, Asta is a really good underdog protagonist that I can cheer for. Another comment the most people have made is that this series is a copy of Naruto and Fairy Tail. Now even though it’s very noticeable, you can’t call this anime a rip off. Most of the current popular anime out now have taken influence from older popular anime like Naruto, like My Hero Academia. I feel like most people, especially anime YouTuber, are disliking this anime just to get view on their videos. But of course, everybody have their own opinions and I can’t hate on what they think.

So in closing, Black Clover is a fantastic series. I feel that many people are sleeping on this series and is not giving it the attention it deserves. This is a series I can recommend to people who are new to manga. The more your read the manga or watch the anime, you will get excite and curious on what will happen to the protagonist. This is definitely a top Shonen series that you need to follow. That’s all I have to say for now, until next time; “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”

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