Where’s Broly In Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Wheres Broly EDITORIAL

What’s going on gamers! I’m assuming that you’re all aware that the release of DragonBall FighterZ is fast approaching. As a fan of the anime series, I’m super excited to finally get my hands on the game. Bandai Namco have been releasing trailers for upcoming characters that will be part of the DBFz roster. Overall, the lineup of characters looks awesome, but I have one little question. Where is Broly and why isn’t he part of the current Dragon ball Fighter Z roster?

For those who never heard of this character, Broly is a legendary super saiyan who only stared in the DBZ movies. He was never in the original DBZ canon episodes, but this characters gain a ton of fanfare from the DBZ community. Personally, my favorite Broly moment of all time is when he first transformed into his legendary super saiyan form, become indestructible, and started whooping ass. So in my opinion, Broly is hands down one of the best fan favorite character in the DragonBall series. So my question is why hasn’t the developers added Broly in the DragonBall FighterZ roster and when will we see him in the game. My prediction is that DBZ fans will be seeing Broly strictly as a DLC pack that will hopefully be release in late 2018. I feel that it would be insane not to add him to the roster. If the developers are leaving him out just to add him as DLC, then that’s smart business because people will definitely buy it. Hopefully I’m right that the character will arrive as a DLC. If not, then I think it would be a terrible miss opportunity and a ton of DBZ fan will be super pissed. Also, I hope to see another characters from the DBZ movie to be added to the DBFz roster as DLC. That’s is all I have to say, until next time “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”

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