Top 5 Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters

What’s up everyone, this is Tyuno The Great. Well Valentine’s Day have come and gone but since it’s still February, love is still in the air. With that being said I decided to dedicate this month to the women. The last top 5 I recently done was the top 5 sexiest female anime characters. Here’s a link to the article. This time I’m going to list the top 5 sexiest female in comic books. These women are powerful and sexy at the same time. Which superhero or super villain is the top sexiest female in comic books?

5.) Wonder Woman (DC Comic)
She’s the spirit of truth and the symbol of women empowerment. Wonder Woman is a role model to all women. She shows how women are leaders and she express her beauty in a non sexual way. She’s kind to others and she can kick serious ass and that’s what makes are sexy.

4.)Power Girl (DC Comics)
Power Girl is the Earth Two version of Super girl. Just like Super Girl, she is powerful and strong like her cousin Superman. But unlike Super girl, Power Girl have a feature that makes her unique, and that feature is her chest. Power Girl’s costume reveals her nice busty breast that give’s her some good sex appeal. All I have to say is that Power Girl is both strong and too damn sexy.

3.) Black Cat (Marvel Comics)
What can I say about Black Cat. Her body just screams out sex appeal. Black Cat is both sneak and just damn fine at the same time. Words can’t describe how beauty Black Cat is. That’s why I choose her as my number 3 pick.

2.) Catwoman (DC Comics)
Black Cat is not the only feline on my list. Of course I had to put Catwoman on this list. Just like Black Cat, she’s sneaky and sexy at the same time. She’s the type of woman who will use you and dispose of you once she’s done with you. She use her beauty to get what she want which makes her the cat’s meow.

1.) Mystique (Marvel Comics)
You’re probably wondering why I choose Mystique as my number 1 pick on my top 5 list. Think about it, Mystique’s mutant ability is shape-shifting. Thus she can become anybody, even one of the women on the list. Just imagine having Mystique as your girlfriend, you would never get bored. She is down right evil and have beauty to die for. That’s why I chose her as my number 1 sexiest female comic book character of all time.

Well those are my top 5 sexiest female comic book characters of all time. I hope you like my list, if you don’t agree with my choices I urge you to tell me your top 5 sexiest female comic book characters. February is almost over but be sure to go back and check out my other top 5 lists, the top 5 sexiest female video game characters and the top 5 sexiest female comic books characters. Until next time, “Be Easy, and Stay Epic! ”