Top 5 Most Popular Pokemon Gym Leaders

What’s going on everyone, this is Tyuno the Great. Pokemon is one of the most beloved video game series of all time. If you grew up in the 90′s, Pokemon was life. The game revolutionize the Nintendo Gameboy and is still one of the top handheld game today. They’re many features that makes Pokemon so epic, and the one that I’m more focused on today are the gym leaders. In every Pokemon games, since Red and Blue, everyone have to travel the world to face the top 8 gym leader to obtain 8 gym badge to enter the Elite 4. There have been over 45 gym leaders in the Pokemon series and I am listing only the top 5 most popular gym leader of all time. Which gym leader is the best gym leader of them all ?

5.) Misty

We know her and love her. She’s one of the original trio in the Pokemon anime series and is the second gym leader of Cerulean City. Everyone favorite Water-type Gym Leader, Misty. She is known for her skills as a master of Water-type Pokemon. I would always get frustrated whenever I battle with her Starmie. Misty will always be consider a fan favorite in the Pokemon universe.

4.) Whitney

One of the most annoying gym leader of all time has to be the third gym leader of the Johto Region, Whitney. Again personally, this gym leader have always been a pain for me and for other players as well. Not only she’s a master of Normal-type Pokemon, but she is known for her Miltank. She is known to spam the move, “Rollout” and it has been a pain in the butt.She may be a bothersome to many, but she is tough and that’s why I put her as the fourth most popular Gym Leader of all time.

3.) Jasmine

Innocent, kind, yet powerful. A perfect combination that describe the third most popular Gym Leader, Jasmine. When you see her, you wouldn’t think to believe that she’s a gym leader, but surely she’s a tough cookie. With here two Magnemics and massive Steelix, Jasmine has a strong defense and it’s tough to bring here down.

2.) Sabrina

The mysterious master of Psychic type Pokemon and the Saffron City Gym Leader, Sabrina is the second most popular gym leader of all time. Whenever you think about Sabrina, you think about the teleport maze you had to go through to get to her. Of course the Pokemon she’s known for is her powerful Alakazam.She’s skilled and has a silent deadly attitude, and that’s why Sabrina is the number 2 popular Gym Leader.

1.) Brock

Of course the most popular gym leader of all time is the first ever gym leader, Brock. Brock is the Rock-type Pokemon Gym Leader of Pewter City. Everyone love Brock in both the games and in the anime. Just like Misty, he’s one of the original trio in the Pokemon anime series. We all can remember going to the gym and see only one trainer to face before facing Brock. If you had a Squirtle of Bulbasaur, Brock was a piece of cake. But if you had a Charmander, then Brock was a pain with his Geodude and Onix. It’s obvious that Brock is truly the number 1 most popular Gym Leader of all time!

Well that’s my top 5 most popular Pokemon Gym Leader of all time. This list was composed of my opinions and I know that a lot of you gym may disagree with the choices on this list. If you agree or disagree with this list, please tell me who is your favorite Pokemon Gym Leader in the comment section below.

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