WWE 13 Reveiw

It’s time to get back in the ring with the all new game from THQ and the WWE, WWE 13. All your favorite WWE superstars are back to rumble in the square circle. Now in the WWE 13, players can relive one of the best time periods in wrestling history, the Attitude Era. Superstars of the past and the present can finally go one on one with each other. With that being said, is WWE 13 the best wrestling game ever?


Let me start off by saying that the story in WWE 13 is simply amazing. The story revolves around the history of the Attitude Era of the WWE. Players can play with wrestlers that help made the Attitude Era such as Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and many more. The story is a like a history lesson. It’s tells the story from the beginning and explains how it all got started. The story allow the player to play through some of the memorable moments that happened in the Attitude Era like the formation of DX, the Montreal Screwjob, and the birth of Austin 360. I love the story because it can educate some of the newer fans of the WWE that never experience that time period. The story campaign is long and contain bonus objectives so players will have a ton of replay vaule. In my opinion, the story of WWE 13 is the best feature in the game and I enjoy reliving the moment of a great era.


The gameplay of WWE 13 is a huge improvement from WWE 12. There are different modes player can choose to play such as The Attitude Era campaign story mode, the WWE Universe mode, and Online mode. The game is running on a engine known as Predator Technology 2.0, which makes the game play more realistic like you would see on television. Unlike WWE 12, there are no more repetitive backstage fights. The reaction button has also be improve, now it’s more easier to react to your opponent moves and counter them. You can also do some crazy moves with the OMG! features such as spearing someone through the barricade or tombstone someone on the announce table. Players can also revive there characters momentum with the comeback feature, which allow the player to get the upper hand and get a finisher. Players can once again to be creative by creating there own wrestlers and finishers like in previous WWE games. The gameplay of WWE makes the game a ton of fun and will make you stand up with excite like it does to me.


The graphics of WWE 13 are stunning. The wrestlers’ character design in the game looks almost identical to their real live counter parts. The wrestlers’ faces are more realistic then the previously games. The animations in the game match the wrestlers’ moves sets, the ring entrances and taunts almost to the point. I like how they capture the way the wrestlers makes their signature entrance to the ring. The game has a good visuals and is great to observed.


The sound of WWE 13 is composed of voices and music from the WWE on TV. Most of the wrestlers from the WWE actually did the voice acting for their characters in the game. Also, it good to hear commentary from Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler in the Attitude Era mode and they actual provide the voices. I love listening to the different wrestlers’ theme music in the menu screen, I can listen to it all day. Also, I like the fact that in the Attitude Era campaign, the wrestlers have their original ring entrance theme. There not much to say about the sound but the music is enjoyable to listen.

To answer my own question I stated earlier, “Is WWE 13 the best wrestling game ever?” My answer is YES! YES! YES! I enjoy playing this game. I love playing through the Attitude Era, I can tell that the WWE wanted to have the game to focus heavily on that time period. The gameplay makes you get off your seat with excitement of laying the smackdown on your opponent. I highly recommend anyone who’s a wrestling fan to get this game. My question is how the WWE and THQ is going to top WWE 13 in the future? Whatever it may be, the WWE and THQ continues to bring out awesome games and I can’t wait to the next installment next year.

That’s all I have for now, thank you for reading my review of WWE 13, if you want to add you own opinion of the game, then please do so in the comment section below. You can Follow The Tyuno Project on Twitter and Like The Tyuno Project on Facebook for the latest news, reviews, previews, and trailesr from upcoming video games and anime. Until next time wrestling fans, “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”