Black Knight Sword Review

Grasshopper Manufacturing is known for creating some strange looking yet amazing video games, such as Sine Mora and Lollipop Chainsaw. Grasshopper Manufacturing latest game, Black Knight Sword, is no different. Black Knight Sword is a hack and slash action platforming game for the Xbox 360 and PS3. This game looks interesting and bizarre at the same time. With that being said, is Black Knight Sword a must have XBLA/PSN game to own?


This game is very dark and gloomy filled with blood and gore. You play a puppet who pick up a dark sword and is transformed into a black knight. The game’s setting is in a puppetry theater which is unique. The story of Black Knight Sword is not very clear. The first time that I play Black Knight Sword, I wasn’t informed of what the story was or if it had a story at all. After doing some research, I found out that the objective of the game is to defeat a evil white princess. I always love a game’s story and I wish this game would have told me what the game is about in the beginning so I know what I was getting into.


The gameplay of Black Knight Sword is a platformer mixed with some hack and slash features. The game has three difficulty level that players can choose from; Easy, Normal, and Hard. The challenge of the game can be hard at first, you will die often. But like every platforming game, once you play the level over and practice you will get better. There are power ups that you can gain after you beating the level. But once you die and use all of your lives, it’s game over and everything you gain will be lost which can be very frustrating.


The graphics of Black Knight Sword can be describe as gloomy. The game have 2D characters design with a 3D theater environment. The setting is dark and the character design of the monsters are crazy, scary, and odd looking. I like how the game’s graphics make it looks and feels like your in a theater. The graphics are weird but very creative to match the dark style of this game.


Black Knight Sword have sort of a old Japanese style sound to it. It give the game a creepy feel to it. But there’s no in-game music when you’re going through the stage. The narrator of the game speak with a poetic voice as he narrate throughout the game, which I thought was OK. Honestly there nothing to say about the sound of the game. I believe that the game designer thought that by having no music it would make the game scary, but it didn’t.

Overall, even though this game is a little difficult, I had a good time play Black Knight Sword. This game may not be for everybody due to it’s mature rating, but I wouldn’t over look this game on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. If you like dark Japanese style platforming game, then go and give this game a try.

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