Spike’s Video Game Awards 2012 Impressions

What’s up gamers, this is Tyuno The Great! On December 7, Spike TV showcased their annual Video Game Awards 2012. Some of the biggest names in the video game industry all came together to celebrate gaming and to see which games were the best in 2012. Personally, I look forward to the VGA every year to see new trailers of upcoming games, but of course there are some gamers that have a negative input on the VGAs. Some people believe that the VGAs is just a gimmick and is not a legit serious awards show. So that being said, was the 2012 10th annual Video Game Awards a success or a complete fail?

In my opinion, the best part of the VGA was the host, Samuel L. Jackson. He made the award show really funny for me to watch. The one games that been on my mind throughout the show has to be the world premiere of the new game called, The Phantom Pain. I don’t know what the game is about, but all I know is that I’m interested to know what the story is about. Also, I enjoyed watching all the world premiere trailers. One in particular trailer that I liked was The Last of Us. We finally get a release date for the most anticipated PS3 game. It was nice to see Hall Life 2 getting the Game of the Decade award. The most game that many people on Twitter was hyped to see was the revealed of Dark Soul 2. To be honest, I was surprised that The Walking Dead The Game won the VGAs Game of the Year. I would thought either Journey or Assassin’s Creed 3 would take the award. But now that I think of it, The Walking Dead franchise is hot right now so it’s deserved the awards for Game of the Year.

Now the one thing that I thought was weird was that for a award show there wasn’t a lot of awards being presented. I remember somebody on Twitter tweeted how the Spike VGAs was compared to the MTV VMAs, and when you think about it, that’s a very good comparison. There was more trailer revealed on the show than awards presented. There was only five awards presented at the VGAs, Best Shooter, Best Action Game, Character of the Year, Game of the Decade, and Game of the Year. I felt like the VGA was more like a media concert then a award show.

Overall, I enjoyed the VGA. It was fun to watch and I love watching the world premiere video game trailers. I wish they would showcased more awards to presented on the show. So I would say that the Spike Video Game Awards 2012 was a pass. Now I know there are a lot of you that dislike the VGA, if so please tell me why in the comment section below. Be sure to follow The Tyuno Project on Twitter: @TheTyunoProject and Like The Tyuno Project Facebook page. That all I have for now. Until next time, “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”

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Jesus G3X
Jesus G3X

I believe the VGA is more like a popularity contest then a awards show, because they use a website were people vote. I think if the VGA's want to be taken as seriously as the Oscar/Grammy/Tony/Emmy shows, they need to be the result of votes posted by an organization of developers and publishers, The Game Trailers are pretty cool but i could watch them on .gametrailers.com  after the show xD