Street Fighter X Mega Man Review

We seen a ton of crossover game from Capcom over the years such as Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken, but have you ever imagine a crossover featuring Street Fighter in the Mega Man universe? During the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournament finals in Los Angeles, Capcom revealed a fan-made game to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mega Man called Street Fighter X Mega Man. It’s been a minute since we saw the blue bomber in action, now players can get the chance to play two of Capcom’s most beloved series in one game for FREE! But is this freeware game a surprise hit ?


The Story of Street Fighter X Mega Man revolves in the Mega Man universe. Just like in the original Mega Man series, You play as Mega Man and your are on a mission to defeat all the main bosses. But instead of batting one of Dr. Wily’s robot bosses, you must defeat all eight fighters from the Street Fighter universe. Honestly there’s no real story behind this game. Your main goal is to defeat the main final boss of the game.


The gameplay is very similar to the gameplay in every Mega Man game. The player only control Mega Man in the game. You have the choice to pick any boss stage and play through the stage to battle the main boss of that stage. If you’re a beginner of Mega Man, this game will be very challenging. If you use up all your lives, it’s game over and you’ll have to start over from the beginning no matter how far you’re into the game. It’s can be frustrating at first, but one you understand the pattern of the stage it can get easier. If you’re playing the game with the computer keyboard, it can be a little hard to play. But if you have a gamepad or a Xbox 360 controller, the controls can be easy to use. The levels of Street Fighter X Mega Man may be hard but it keeps me coming back for more.


Street Fighter X Mega Man has the old school 8-bit graphics that you would see on a NES console. As I stated before this game is set in the Mega Man universe. It cool to see your favorite Street Fighter characters in 8-bit form. When the stage boss unleash their special move, they preform a special animation to inform the player of their upcoming attack. I love the way how the game looks, it gives that old-school Mega Man feel to it. The creator of this game got the graphics and animation on point.


Mega Man is known for having a awesome soundtrack, and this game have it. It combines the classic music from Mega Man and Street Fighter. When you play through the stage, the game plays the usually Mega Man style music, but once you enter the boss, the music switches over to that specific Street Fighter theme music and the theme has a 8-bit remix sound to it.

Overall this is a very impressive fan made game. It says true to the Mega Man style. Even though I’m not good at Mega Man, I still have fun playing this game and I keep coming back for more. If you’re a fan of Mega Man, Street Fighter, or Capcom, I highly suggest you go to Capcom Unity website and download this game.

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