Is The Phantom Pain Actually Metal Gear Solid 5 ?!

Hey there gamers, this is Tyuno The Great. During the Spike Video Game Awards 2012, we saw a world premiere of a brand new mysterious games called The Phantom Pain. The trailer didn’t really explains a lot of detail of what the game will be about. All I know is that there’s a guy with a hook for a hand, another guy with his face bandaged up, people shooting everybody in the hospital, fire, and a falling flaming humpback whale. One thing for sure, The Phantom Pain left a great impression to me and I can’t here more information about this strange game. Now, there are news and theories on the internet that The Phantom Pain is somehow connected to Metal Gear Solid 5. At the VGAs, they mention that this year marks the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid and they even showed off the man himself, Hideo Kojima. Now here is the million dollar question, how is The Phantom Pain anyways connected to Metal Gear Solid ?

The picture above is from the The Phantom Pain trailer which was shown during the VGAs on Spike TV. The picture shows how there’s a Easter Egg hidden in the trailer which show the title, Metal Gear Solid 5. now I’m not sure if this real or fake. But many people on the internet are starting to believe so. I have no clue what to think of this. We know that Konami and Hideo Kojima are planning to release a Metal Gear Solid 5 in the future. If it is MSG5 or not, I still what to get my hand on The Phantom Pain.

So that all I have for now, but please tell me what to you think of all of this. Do you believe that The Phantom Pain is actually Metal Gear Solid 5 or not? Please tell me in the comments section below. Also, if you what to get in touch with The Tyuno Project on social media, you can follow me on Twitter: @TheTyunoProject or Like The Tyuno Project Facebook page! That all I have to say, until next time “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”