Sony’s PlayStation 4 Presentation Final Impressions

What’s going on gamers. Well, Sony have finally presented their PlayStation event where they announced the brand new PlayStation 4.They came, they saw, and they conquered. Everyone in the gaming industry was on the edge of their seat to hear about the news about the future of the PlayStation, but now it’s official. So after the presentation, I was both surprised, excited, and a little disappointed. So with that being said, this is what I think about the Sony PlayStation Presentation.

Sony reveal some news that got me excite for the PS4. First of all, they officially revealed the final design of the new PS4 dualshock 4 controller which will have a new share button and a touch feature that is similar to that on the PS Vita. I’m assuming that the controller will have the PS Move integrated in the new controller, which I still don’t know why Sony is still pushing the PS Move. Anyway, Sony was explaining how they are pushing heavily on being social and connecting people through the games on the PS4. One thing that I found interesting is that Sony announced that the PS4 will allow the player to play PS4 games on your PS Vita, you can transfer your game from the TV to your PS Vita and continue playing the game. Now does that sound familiar to any of you? Once I head that, I immediately said that Sony have copy Nintendo, once again. I like how Sony is trying to push the new cloud system to the PS4, which from what I heard will allow you to stream every PlayStation title. So the Cloud technology for the new PlayStation 4 will benefit gamer like myself who missed out the PS1 generation.

One thing that I didn’t know expect to see at the Sony Presentation was the announcement of games for the new PS4. The games that was announced at the Sony presentation were Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, DriveClub, Capcom’s Deep Down, Watch Dogs, Diablo 3, and Destiny. This games look great on the PS4. The most talked about game for the PS4 has to be Watch Dogs from Ubisoft. People on the internet was buzzing about this game and so was I. Another game that caught me attention was the new game Knack. I like how it looks cartoonish and it looks interesting. I hope we will get some new info for Knack. Square Enix also appeared at the event to show off their new game engine, showed a demo that displayed the new game engine, and to announce a new Final Fantasy game for 2013.

The one and only a little thing that was disappointed to me was that Sony didn’t unveil the actually PS4 hardware or revealed the price for the PS4. Those were the only thing I was expecting to see and hear from the event. I wait for two hours to hear those news. But I can understand why Sony didn’t show the new console. After all, Sony have to do something for E3 this year. I’m just worrying about the price tag for the PS4. When the PS3 came out, the price was around $600. That price was ridiculous for consumer, thus the PS3 started out slow in the beginning. So I believe the price tag of the PS4 is important.

So overall, the Sony PlayStation presentation was a huge success. The things I expected from the even didn’t happen, but the things I didn’t expect at the event actually happen. After seeing what games are coming to the PS4, I know that I will be getting the PS4 in the future. I can’t wait to here what’s next for Sony and the PlayStation.

Let continue this conversion about the PS4 in the comment section below. Tell me how you feel about the reveal of the PS4 and Sony in general. Also, be sure to go to Twitter and hit me up @TheTyunoProject and on The Tyuno Project Facebook Fan Page. That’s all I have to say for now. Until next time, “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”