Call of Duty Or Battlefield ? The War Begins…Again!

The internet have been very busy as usual. There are a ton of rumors and leaked information around the web about two popular shooting franchises, Call of Duty and Battlefield. Right now, there’s a teaser trailer on YouTube about the upcoming Battlefield 4 and that a announcement will be made about it very soon. Also there is a poster supposedly to be the reveal of a new Modern Warfare game, but it was later discovered that was a big hoax. But with that being said, one have to assume that since EA will be bring out Battlefield 4, is it possible that Activision will be bring out their newest Call of Duty game soon? Because as we all know, every year a new Call of Duty game is born. Now I don’t know for sure if Battlefield 4 will be release this year, but it would be interesting to see both Battlefield and COD battling out again to see which is superior. So my question to you gamers out there is, which side are you on? Battlefield or Call of Duty? I predict that 2013 with be very interesting for shooters.

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