Top 5 Apps That Should Be On The Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 have a tons of apps available for Xbox Live. You can watch YouTube, ESPN, UFC and more on the 360. Now gamers can add ordering pizza to the list of apps for the Xbox 360. Early this week, Pizza Hut launch their new app on the Xbox 360. People can actually create and order their pizza on the Xbox 360 using the Kinect. Now with Pizza Hut launching an app on Xbox Live, one can only wonder on what other companies should have an app on the Xbox 360. So with that being said, just for fun I thought of five apps that I think should be available on Xbox Live.

5.) GameFly

You can rent games from your computer, so why can’t you can rent video games on a video game console? Gamefly is one of the top video game rental service so it only make sense to have it on the Xbox 360. Think about it, by using the Xbox Kinect, players could pick any games they want to play and have it delivered to them.

4.) Marvel Comics

What if you could reading your Marvel comic books on Xbox Live? It would be kind of cool to have an app on the Xbox 360 that allow users to read their favorite Marvel comics on the television screen. You could you use the Kinect to turn the page or make the pages bigger to read better. Plus if you have a HDTV, the quality of the comic would be great.

3.) Taco Bell

If you can create a pizza on Xbox Live, why not tacos? Everyone love tacos, so that is why I suggest that there should be a Taco Bell app on the Xbox Live. Just like the Pizza Hut app, you could create you own taco anyway you want. But unlike the Pizza Hut app since Taco Bell doesn’t deliver, you have to actually go to your nearest one to go pick up your custom order.

2.) Brazzer

Why not! You have YouTube and ESPN on Xbox Live, might as well throw in porn in the mix. Now of course, there have to be some rule with this app. Parents don’t want their 13 years old child watching porn on their Xbox 360, so I think there should be an age requirement added to this app. Plus,there should be a paid fee subscription to use this app. After all, Ass and Breast isn’t free.

1.) Amazon

It’s only right to have one of the top online store on the Xbox 360. I believe that Amazon would be a amazing addition to the Xbox Live App Library. You could shop using the Xbox Kinect to buy for anything you want. By using the Kinect feature, I see it as sort of new innovation on how we could shop online in the future.

So these are my suggestion for apps for the Xbox Live. Of course this is only for fun, but it would be interesting to see these apps one day on the next generation consoles. But for now, these are just ideas. But I want to hear from you, “What are your ideas for apps for the Xbox 360 or the next-gen consoles?” Please tell me in the comment section below. Thanks for taking the time to read my TOP 5 list, until next time, “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”

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