Why You Should NOT Pre-Order New Console So Soon

At E3 2013, Microsoft and Sony revealed the price of their newest console. The PS4 will cost $399 and the Xbox One will cost $499. Ever since E3 2013 ended, people have either gone to there local retail store or went online to pre-order the new PS4 or Xbox One. The question I have to ask is “Should people pre-order the PS4 and Xbox One so soon?” My answer is “Hell NO!” Here are my reasons.

After Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One and Sony unveiled their PlayStation 4, many people started per-ordering the new console of their choice. For example, right after Sony announced their price for the PS4, people immediately when on Amazon to pre-order the new console. I believe that people shouldn’t rush into pre-order a console right after it’s revealed. Honestly, people need to wait a while to pre-order a console. But of course, gamers are never patient. I understand that gamers want to get their hands on the new console before it runs out in store, but gamers need to think first. Even though Microsoft and Sony have made their announcements about their console, we as the consumers still don’t know everything about the consoles. For all we know, Sony or Microsoft might make last minute changes to their console. Adam Sessler from Rev3 Games explain it better on how we shouldn’t pre-order yet in his latest video of “Sessler’s Something”(Check it out).

All I’m saying is that gamers shouldn’t be to quick into something that is not final. It’s still June, we have around 5 months until both gaming consoles comes out, so you shouldn’t rush into pre-ordering a Xbox One or PS4. That’s all I have for now. Until next time, “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”

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This guy really drones on. All a bit phillosophical and not really citing any examples. But the pre order danger is true. Dates can be delayed, systems can fail (XBOX360 style). Even details like the prices could change. Or the particuar system on preorder may have its games delayed leaving a barren launch


You SHOULD still pre-order to make sure you get your console on day 1. If something changes in a way you don't like between now and release day, just cancel your pre-order and everything is fine. But if it remains the way you like it, then you get your console on release day for sure.