There’s A Xbox One Petition Out? Are You Serious?

So I was on the internet and I saw a video from one of my favorite YouTuber who calls himself The Blackbuster Critic. As I was searching through his channel for some new videos, I notice that there was a video he made about some people creating a petition to bring back the original policies of the Xbox One. I got curious and I search for this so called petition and then I found out that the petition was actually real. There are people that wants to bring back the original policies for the Xbox One. My first reaction to this story was, “are you serious?”

So let me get this straight, Microsoft got rid of the original Xbox One policies because people was furious and was complaining about it. Now there are people on the internet starting a petition to bring it back? This is beyond crazy and unbelievable. I’m actually against the original Xbox One policy. I don’t agree with the DRM and the 24/7 internet requirement. So why would some people want to bring back the original policy? This is why Microsoft is in a bad situation with their new console. I can tell that this was created by some die-hard Xbox fans who doesn’t want change.

Overall, I think this petition won’t do anything to affect the current policies of the Xbox One. Microsoft is trying hard to fix their reputation, so nobody is going to take this petition seriously. So my question to you guys is, “How do you feel about this Xbox One petition?” That’s all I have to say for now. Until next time, “Be Easy and Stay Epic!”

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