What The Hell Is The Tyuno Project ?

If your a fan of video games and Japanese anime, then The Tyuno Project is just for you. This website provides the latest news, trailers, and previews from the video gaming and anime industry. Also this website provide honest and non-bias reviews of video games and anime products. The editorials on this website are always based on the author’s opinion. The goal of The Tyuno Project is to inform and to connect with the gaming and anime community around the world wide web. So if you think this website is for you, then come and welcome to The Tyuno Project!

Who In The Blue Hell is Tyuno ?

Hello everyone, my name is Tyler Searcy and I am Tyuno! Now I assuming that if your reading this then you’re possible want to know how I got that name. Well it simple. I took the “Ty” from my real name and combine it with “Uno” (which is Spanish for the number 1.)and thus “Tyuno” was create. Now that’s out the way, let me tell you just who I am.

(This Is My Story)
For starter, I am a huge fan for both video game and anime. I been a fan of gaming and anime since around the age of 8. The first game that I played on my own was Pokemon Red and my first anime that I can remember would have to be Sailor Moon (Don’t judge me, I have sisters!). As I grew, I became more interested with the two. At the age of 12, after playing games like Final Fantasy 10 and Kingdom Hearts, I made a life decision and told myself that I wanted to be in the gaming industry. Now I knew that since I was a African American living in Atlanta, Georgia, that would be difficult to achieve this goal.

Years later in 2009, I was a sophomore in college and around the end of that year, I decided to create a video gaming blog on Google blogger and I would call it The Tyuno Project. That was also the year I came up with the name “Tyuno”. the next year, I started interning for Konsole Kingz in Atlanta, Georgia. While working there, I learned more about the gaming industry. Then in 2011 while I was at CES for the first time, I decided to use my unused blog and turned it to a news-type website. I wanted my website to be a place where people can come and check out what new games or anime is coming and to read what I had to say and to express their opinions as well. So since 2011, I’ve been blogging, and I haven’t stop yet.

So that’s a little summary of who I am. I hope you like my little story and got to know me. Thanks for reading and once again, Welcome to The Tyuno Project.

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