Hello everyone! Welcome to the Contact section of The Tyuno Project. This is the main page where you can get in contact with The Tyuno Project for business and non-business questions. Here how you can reach me:

This is my primary email for everything. I mainly used this email only for The Tyuno Project. If you want to do business with this website, please use this email. Please only email me if:
-If you have any advise that you want to share to make this website better.
-If you have any legit gaming or anime tips or stories that you want to share with this site.
-If you want to do some advertising with The Tyuno Project.
-If you’re in Public Relations (PR) and want to work with The Tyuno Project.
-If you’re having an gaming/anime event and want The Tyuno Project to blog about it and/or cover it.

Twitter: @TheTyunoProject
Here is the official twitter account for The Tyuno Project website. This twitter account will tweet all the post from the website. Also it will give updates about what’s going on with the website.

Twitter: @TyunoTheGreat
This is Tyuno’s, the founder of The Tyuno Project, personal twitter account. Be sure to follow him and say hi.

Facebook: The Tyuno Project Facebook Page
If you have a Facebook and loves video games and anime, then I highly suggest you go and Like The Tyuno Project Facebook Page. Here you can get some exclusive pictures from different events such as PAX.

Instagram: @TyunoTheGreat
Just like everyone else, The Tyuno Project have it’s own Instagram account. Follow this account this account to see some cool picture from different places I have gone or

LinkenIn: Tyler Searcy
The founder of The Tyuno Project is also on LinkenIn. Check out this accomplishments.

Xbox Live Gamertag: TyunoTheGreat
If you want to play some games on the good old Xbox 360, then don’t hesitate and add me to your friend’s list. I’m only into fighting and racing game, I can’t play shooter (because I’m not that very good at them.)