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Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct 4/8/2014

Hey there Nintendo faithfuls! In cased you missed the special Super Smash Bros. edition of the latest Nintendo Direct, don’t worry The Tyuno Project got you covered. Check out the Super Smash Bros.edition of Nintendo Direct.

Pokemon The Movie: Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction

Check out the English version for the upcoming Pokemon anime movie, “Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction.”

Kirby: Triple Deluxe – ” You’re So Silly” Trailer

Check out this silly trailer for the upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS. Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

Mario Kart 8 – New Course and Items Trailer

Check out this new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Wii U exclusive, Mario Kart 8.

Sonic Lost World – The Legend Of Zelda DLC Trailer

Check out the trailer for the newest Legend Of Zelda DLC for Sonic Lost World.

Mario Golf: World Tour – “Item Shots” Trailer

Check out the newest trailer for the upcoming Mario game exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, Mario Golf: World Tour.

Pokemon XY Anime Special Edition: “Strongest Megashinka” Japanese Trailer

Check out the new Japanese trailer for the upcoming Pokemon XY Anime special edition, “Strongest Megashinka.”

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Launch Trailer

Pokemon X & Y – Diancie Reveal Trailer

Check out the reveal trailer for the newest Pokemon, Diancie. Coming soon to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Monolith Soft’s X- Nintendo Direct Gameplay Trailer

Check out the new gameplay from the recent Nintendo Direct of the upcoming Nintendo Wii U exclusive, Monolith Soft’s X.